Chia Pudding


Chia seeds | Berries | Agave | Almond Milk


First of all, I’m currently working night shift (sooo bad for your health!), and I eat breakfasts on all kinds of different hours. I try to have kind of a routine – trying hard not to mess my body completely up – where I don’t eat between midnight and 6am. After my 3-days cleansing (more about that another time), I realized that most of my night time eating is comfort eating where I think I’m hungry but mostly I’m just bored or thirsty (or just wanna get out of my claustrophobic patient room). Nowadays, I drink plenty of water instead and it seems to work most of the times.

Anyhow, Chia Seed Pudding is one of my favorite breakfasts, especially when I’m planning to go for an easy run afterwards. On my working days, I usually prepare it when I come home from work in the morning. I let it swell in the refrigerator while I’m getting a couple of hours of sleep, and then it’s ready when I’m waking up again. Time saving solutions are my best friends!

Chia Pudding
One serving

2 tbl Chia Seeds
Berries of your choice
A dash of Agave (optional)
1 cup Almond Milk

Mix well and let it swell overnight, or at least for 1 hr.

I usually use blueberries, and sometimes raspberries, but you can of course use whichever berry you prefer. And you can use either fresh or frozen berries. I also usually eat it with a sliced banana on top, and sometimes I add nuts, raisins or dried fruit as well. Cinnamon is also really good on top. If you wanna make a delicious Chocolate Pudding (who wouldn’t?), just add a scoop of Raw Cacao Powder, and BAM!, you have a pudding not only packed with fibers, antioxidants and healthy fats, but also iron, calcium, magnesium and other important minerals. Win-win!

Until next time: Listen to Your Body, and Stay Strong!
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